"Everybody should have and play a uke, it’s so simple to carry with you and it is one instrument you can’t play and not laugh" ~ George Harrison

Uke Club

Welcome to the Homer JHS Ukulele & Guitar Club

Jumping Fleas is built around you and your interest in music. Throughout the year, feel free to submit song ideas to the group for songs to practice/perform as a whole group, or get together with a friend for a duet+, or practice a solo piece to perform. The direction of the club is up to you.

  • Spread the joy of the “jumping flea” to interested students
  •  Learn and build on new skills throughout the year
  •  Build a Song Bank to practice and perform from
  • Perform at the end of the year BBQ and other school events (Christmas Concert & Spring Concert)

Song Bank: Use the Song Banks from the website to find songs for you or the group. Either email me your song idea or submit a song request form to room 211. I’ll add appropriate songs to our Song Book (online). Start with Songs With Simple Chords or limited to 2-3 chords until we build up our playing skills.

Song Bank 2012-2013

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